Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hello again! Here is a very brief synopsis of our last few months. We had Halloween with the most beautiful peacock ever. After which we all promptly got Swine Flu. Wish I was kidding. Noah spiked a fever of 105.5. Good times.

Then the peacock turned 5!

Then we had Christmas. First celebrating at grandma's....

By the way, don't attempt this game with a glass of wine. It's not pretty. I'm just sayin'.

Then Christmas morning at our house at our house at some ungodly hour I don't want to think about. Notice, no pictures of me or Zach.

This is the expression of an overwhelmed boy. He didn't even get that much, just a few well chosen things. He was psyched.

Noah digs his new scooter!

At some point in here Kai turned 6 and we had a huge skating party at our ice rink in town, but I can't find those pictures. I'll keep looking. He is all about hockey. Also they have been skiing a ton and both kids live for the terrain park. Just my luck to have 3 little dare devils. Grace is an amazing gymnast and I have visions of coaches circling in and trying to nab her. Just say "no" to sparkly leotards! But she seems to love it. I think she should get into acrobatics and go to circus camp. I mean she is being raised in a circus, or a monkey house. This place is nuts for sure.

We had lots of play dates, many of which involved princesses jumping off windowsills. Yes, I let my kids, and other people's kids, jump off our window sills. I can only say "no" so many times in the day, and this is just not something I have deep-seated concerns about. Call child services on me.

We got THE. MOST. AWESOME. NEW. DOG. EVER!!! This was his first morning with us which is why he still looks unsure. He is amazing and gorgeous and a tribute to rescues everywhere. More about him and pictures later.

We went to the Bahamas. Don't be fooled by the pics, it wasn't as warm as it looks. Remember when it snowed in Florida? Yeah, that's when we were in the Bahamas, which are due east of the sunshine state. So it was 15 degrees colder than normal. Not really great for a beach vacation, but the kids didn't care.

And then in March, Noah turned 2. Enough with the getting older already!

That's it for now. Noah will be ignored no longer. More soon.....

Friday, March 19, 2010

Coming back soon!

The need to write is upon me again, so there will be words here again soon. Maybe even by this afternoon or tomorrow! And pictures, of course.