Thursday, February 10, 2011

100 Gratitudes: A New Year's Project 51-55

Howdy! The time gets away from me, but I am having such a lovely couple of weeks. So very many wonderful things going on. So without further ado...

#51) Rescuing dogs.

We are getting a new dog! We haven't determined her name yet, but she will be arriving on a P.E.T.S. Transport from Kentucky on Feb. 26th. She is in the same foster home as Max was, and her foster mom says she is just like Max in a golden-girl outfit. We are going through Goldenhuggs Rescue. I HIGHLY recommend them and urge you to immediately go check out their petfinder page, AFTER looking at our cutie first, of course. Her name-to-be is Poppy!

#52) Valentine's Day!

I love this holiday. It brings color and cheer, chocolate and flowers, hugs and, perhaps most importantly, cupcakes!

#53) Vacation.

The kids are on February break for 10 days. I love it. I wish it weren't quite so cold so we could ski more, but we are seeing family and friends, so we are happy.

#54) Hilda!
She was our au pair, now she is just our beloved friend. We talk to her all the time and we will be seeing her for a couple of weeks in Italy this spring. Yay! May every one's kids have a young person like Hilda in their lives. They simply adore her.

#55) Upcoming trips.

Dreaming, planning, researching. It is so fun to get ready for a family trip. This spring we will be going to Tuscany for 3 weeks with our whole family, and Hilda, and the kids are so excited. So are we. Great food, great wine and a beautiful house, not to mention, art, architecture, history and SUNSHINE! Can't wait.

More to come, but I need to play with my kidlets.

What are you grateful for today?

Saturday, February 5, 2011

100 Gratitudes: A New Year's Project 45-50

Good Morning! We have had the most beautiful, snowy weather here since the "big" storm, which wasn't really that big here. We got about 10-14 inches of snow, but oh my goodness, what snow it is! Light as a feather and heaven to ski through. AND, the sun, when shining, has actually been warm! Turn your face to it and feel it soak in warm.

#45) Walks in the sun down snowy roads.

It was so quiet and beautiful out and Noah and I took Max the dog down to visit our neighbor, the mule, on such a gorgeous February afternoon. Love late winter!

#46) Sledding!

So exhilarating. So giggle inducing. So god for my butt! Below are the boys working on packing down a path for the flying saucers. Observe their different techniques. First Kai. (Having trouble loading video, please be patient! Back soon.)

Then Noah.

#46) Our health.
Nobody is sick, or hurt, or needs treatment for anything scary! I am thankful for that at least once a day.

#47) Money for travel.
We are so, so lucky to have the money to travel. With 5 people, some trips call for serious savings, but it is so worth it. Since September we have been on a serious belt-tightening diet so we can spend 3 weeks in Italy this spring with my family. I would so rather have fewer things, no babysitting and wear old clothes but be able to travel. For me, it's a no-brainer! We are also heading out west this summer. We feel deeply lucky to be able to show our kids some of the world.

#48) Co-sleeping
Noah is still in bed with us. Kai comes in on my side almost every night and Grace snuggles in on Zach's side. I love the family bed! It made such a difference in the kids' attachment when they first came home. It helped them transition from institutionalized orphans, to beloved children in a family. It's not for everyone, but I am so glad it works for us.

#49) Chocolate.
Does this need any explanation? I think not.

#50) Laughter.
The kind that makes your belly hurt, or the sound of the kids from another room. Certain people have great laughs. My friend's daughter Emma for instance has one of the all time great laughs. I try to make her giggle whenever possible. Kai's laugh ascends the scale until it breaks way high up in his throat. Grace sounds like she has been smoking for years. Noah's laugh is breathless. One of my favorite laughs is Zach's laugh when something funny surprises him. His face is beautiful in laughter. Isn't every one's though?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

100 Gratitudes: A New Year's Project 44-

Hi there! Sorry it has been a quiet week. We had to put down our older dog, so we have been sad around here. She was 14 and lived a good and happy life. She also lasted a year past her diagnosis of "riddled with cancer" so that was awesome. She was a great dog and we miss her.

Feb 1, 1997 - Jan 31, 2011

#44) I am grateful to be able to help my pets pass with dignity. Our fantastic vet and friend, Emily, made a house call and Zia died peacefully in my arms. The kids were able to be there and give her loving through the end, and she wasn't stressed or worried or in pain.

That is all for today. Zia deserves her own post. She was a brown hunk of yummi dog-love and she is missed.