Sunday, April 5, 2009

Trying to get it all done

Sorry I've been quiet. I am trying to get everything we need done finished in time to get on the plane to France. We leave Wednesday and will be there 32 days, which means we need to make sure bills are paid and the animals are all set etc. before we go. Fortunately, packing for a month is the same as packing for a week because you can just do laundry, so our bags shouldn't be too big.

We are very excited. We get to see family and feel the sun on our skin after a long winter. Yay!
I will be blogging from France so pictures will resume soon.


Michelle said...

what part of france will you be visiting? we went to paris for half a week when we went to england and couldn't stand it... but then again, it was right after they started getting angry with the u.s. about the war, and it was okay until we started talking, at which point they knew we were americans - we don't speak french!

hope you have a great time & a safe trip... and healthy kiddos!

- michelle

Michele said...

Have fun & tell your sister hi from us. I know I have not been blogging much, but hope to up date mine soon. Destiny is just starting to walk. So we are having alot of fun here.
Take care,
Love ya,
Michele & Destiny