Monday, April 12, 2010

New computer

So shortly after I last posted, our PC died. We, finally, went out yesterday and bought an iMac and dear GOD this thing is a piece of awesome machinery. So quiet, so slick, so chic. So freaking HUGE! A 27 inch screen, people.
So now I will be able to upload pictures and write again. Fortunately, oh so fortunately, when the other one died, we didn't lose any information off the hard-drive. The motherboard died, but did not take our pictures and other work with it.
So bear with me, I will be back. Especially as I now have such a fun toy to write with.

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Kjersten, Steve, Aitugan & Nurai said...

congrats on the new mac. aren't they grand? we made the switch a number of years ago. i will admit that i was apprehensive at first, but now i am a solid mac addict. : ) gotta love apple
looking forward to more taylor blogging. i can't believe how big all of the kids are getting. how time does fly!