Thursday, February 3, 2011

100 Gratitudes: A New Year's Project 44-

Hi there! Sorry it has been a quiet week. We had to put down our older dog, so we have been sad around here. She was 14 and lived a good and happy life. She also lasted a year past her diagnosis of "riddled with cancer" so that was awesome. She was a great dog and we miss her.

Feb 1, 1997 - Jan 31, 2011

#44) I am grateful to be able to help my pets pass with dignity. Our fantastic vet and friend, Emily, made a house call and Zia died peacefully in my arms. The kids were able to be there and give her loving through the end, and she wasn't stressed or worried or in pain.

That is all for today. Zia deserves her own post. She was a brown hunk of yummi dog-love and she is missed.


Jeanne said...

Feeling your sadness--we had to say goodbye to our almost 14 y.o. dog in December.

The Hicks Foundation said...

I love that photo. Many times have I sat in that lush green yard and danced with your dog. Love to you.