Monday, March 7, 2011

100 Gratitudes: A New Year's Project 56-62

Howdy! I sit here on a snowy Monday morning, the kids going bonkers in another room because they have a snow day and I am taking a moment to finally get back to this blog. Sorry about the long delay.

#56) Too much to do!

Yes, I said it. I am grateful that I am too busy even to sit down and write this blog on a regular basis. I would rather have too much to do than too little. When I die, I would rather leave some things I wanted to do undone, than think that the world only held enough intersting things in it to fill my one little lifetime.

#57) Three year olds!

I have one now. Noah turned 3 on Friday. He had his first real birthday party that wasn't just family. He was excited all day long and had his little nosed pressed up to the window, looking for his friends as the hour of the party approached. It was a big success. The picture above must be from last fall, when he was still very much two, but I had never seen it, so in it goes!

#58) Friends who make me do things I wouldn't otherwise do.

Like run a half-marathon. A big group of us have run the Burlington marathon in teams and pairs and singles over the last few years, raising money for the March of Dimes. This year I am splitting it with my friend Cybelle. If she weren't counting on me to run the second half, I know I wouldn't be training at all. Seriously, it's fun, companionable and you have other people who feel your pain to whine with. What could be better?

#59) Blogs from people who live in warmer climates and who have a beautiful eye for color.

This time of year, I need a little color. I like to go over to Jane Brockett's blog to see what she is up to over in England. Spring comes much earlier on the other side of the pond.

#60) Upcoming writing workshop!

Starts this Thursday, and will last 6 weeks. In fact it ends a few days before we leave for Italy. I am excited, terrified and, of course, find myself without a single thing to write about. Must try to organize all my ideas....

#61) Upcoming dog training class!

Starts Wednesday evening. If you have never taken one of these, and you have a pupy or a young dog, or any dog, that is a bit rough around the edges, you should totally go sign yourself and your fur-ball up. These are so fun. Poppy is awesome, but she needs some more training.

#62) Poppy.

She is such a sweet girl! She LOVES the kids, LOVES Max and is really well beahved. She comes when she is called, sits when she is asked and is very playful and loving. She is only 9 months olds, so she needs some more training, but she is smart, eager to please and totally adorable. We hit the doggy jack-pot again!

What are you grateful for today? (By the way, I am loving the comments, keep them coming!)


Alecia said...

Congratulations on the new puppy. I am actively involved in our Golden rescue and the proud owner of a rescue too. Our Daisy is perfect for our family!

Michele said...

It is so cute. Every time Destiny sees that photo of Noah she says thats my Noah! It is so good to see you guys writing again.

Lori Sugar Apple said...

Hey April! How was France? You did the same thing last year when you guys went to Italy. You didn't post in forever. How did that writing course go? Would love to hear an update from you guys. Hope the trip was super and the summer is looking good so far.

Michele said...

It has been a long time since we have seen anything from you. If you have not been to my blog you would not know we just got home with our 4 new kids. Destiny is still the baby, but now she just has more play mates. Hope to hear from you soon. take care