Saturday, December 13, 2008

Busier than Santa's Elves over here!

So we had ourselves a little snowstorm and then some mighty cold weather, so with the exception of the occasional quick trip outside for sledding, we have been nesting and making and creating over the last 24 hours for the Christmas Holidays. Behold!

Fleur de Sel Caramels to give as gifts, wrapped in wax paper "candy wrappers." This was the end of batch one. It never made it into a single gift box. Hopefully batches 2-4 will at least make it out the door. So damn yummy!

And then there was this lovely and incredibly simple sewing project. How cute are these bags?!?! I made 3 of them yesterday afternoon and whipped one up this morning before I was done with my first cup of coffee. THAT'S how easy it is. I have enough fabric to make one for all the ladies on my list. I have it down to about 45 minutes per bag now. Simple and fun!

Then there are some of the socks I am making. Now I obviously didn't make these all in the last 2 days. I have been working on them since Thanksgiving along with other things. I think I'll have time for one more pair, or maybe a hat and some mittens. Obviously, these all have mates, but with the exception of the pair for Zach, I have not decided who is getting which pair. I still have some beautiful and incredibly soft angora sock wool, so I think I'll just see who in my family is nicest to me over the next 10 days and then that person will get a decadent treat for their feet.

This cardigan I have been slowly working on for Zach since the summer. Must finish sewing together, knit the neck and figure out how in the hell to put in a zipper. Anyone have any tips?

Even the kids got in on the action. Here they are practicing their sewing.

And the lovely Hilda made these cute little saffron buns for St. Lucia's day, adorable little Swede that she is.

Here she is in the kitchen. We are so lucky to have her with us for the next year.

And what has Noah been doing, you ask? Well, he is busy being exceedingly adorable.

Yup, his job seems to be making us laugh.

Even the mountains and the trees got in on the beauty and festive mood.

Now Zach and I are about to get ready to go out to the first of many Christmas parties. Grown-ups only! Hope your weekend is as lovely!


MAD said...

those caramels were delicious! Therein lies the conflict. Do not share with your friends and family that which you intend to have leave the house as a present. Disguise then hide said baked goods and food products on a shelf high enough to require a ladder.

So nice to see baking and making and playing as a holiday priority.

Who gets those socks!!

Jodi said...

So many great gift ideas, and so personal. I love that you are getting back to what Christmas is all about. I love the homemade gifts and was wondering if there is a pattern for the bags you would like to share? Looks like a perfect project for me, a very inexperienced sewer.Just the fact that I called myself a "sewer" shows you how inexperienced I am. Love the blog....and the kids. Thanks.