Sunday, January 11, 2009

Avast Ye!

Sorry for the silence, but our lives got a bit insane after the new year. We are a hair over-scheduled. I'm just happy that they aren't in pre-school because they would be spinning like tops. We have ski school, piano, dance class (Grace), karate (Kai. Grace can't join until she is 5) and hockey. All these things are only once a week, and we have 3 days with nothing on the schedule, but the first week of new activities is always crazy. Just getting out the door is a challenge. The fun thing about their ski lessons is that I drop them off and go skiing with a couple of other moms, which is so fun. We have been tearing it UP! Of course between that, cross country and skiing with the kids (which involves snow-plowing for HOURS and hoisting them up onto the chairlift and up any hills they can't skate up) I am practically a broken woman this weekend. Oh, my life is hard. I play all day and have perfect. healthy children. Pity me. Woe!
Then, we had to have Kai's birthday party, which was a pirate theme, but there were also many, many princesses, a king, a storm trooper and Anna, who started out as a pirate and then changed into scrubs from Grace's doctor kit. It was a most excellent crew. So, we had somewhere between 35 and 40 people here on Saturday and I have to say, I feel so lucky to live in this community. Waterbury just has so many deeply cool people! It was a good time.

Kai requested a cake shaped like a pirate ship. So I figured I'd try it. Then he decided he wanted 2 ships having a battle, so I obliged. It was waaaaaaaay easier than it looks. Seriously, no harder than a layer cake, plus, more fun to decorate. Behold...

So when we lit the candles (which were the cannons) on of the "planks" caught fire, but other than that, it was a success. The only thing missing were my nephew Aldwyn and my sister and her husband. Next year though, they'll be here next year.

The revellers....

Noah and Grandma. She is sitting next to the wife of a friend I have known my whole life. Seriously, my mom was pregnant with me when his mom was pregnant with his older sister.

I've known Hannah since we were 9 years old.

The Treasure....

the plunder.

Princess Emmy inspects her loot.

Dr. Anna makes house-calls. The pirate mustache and beard are my favorite part of this outfit.

So, that was super fun. This week we will be skiing a lot in the beginning of the week (both x-c and downhill) because by the end of the week we are looking at a deep freeze. Or, as my high school boyfriend's bus-driver used to say, "It's gonna be colder'n a witches tit in a brass bra!"

I'll leave you with that.


Lori said...

Shiver me timbers! Check out that cake! It rocks! Kai looked like he loved it.

I love all the happy things that happen at your house. For a while, I'm just going to live vicariously, okay?

And that NOAH! He is the jolliest looking baby I have ever seen. Rosy cheeks, big smile...TOO cute!

Drew and Rita said...

Sounds like it was a great party!

Jeanne said...

Awesome cake! I'm beginning to think it's always parties at your house!