Monday, January 26, 2009

Busy, busy, busy!

Oh, what a week! First, the inauguration. We watched, I cried, we went out that night to celebrate with friends. And yes, my mom and Polly DID manage to get to their spot. I called them around 7:30am after hearing that the trains and buses and even the very sidewalks of D.C. were jam packed. (As in jammed with people, not filled with jam, although that would be tasty! Anyone know how to write that statement out correctly? 'Cause clearly I don't.) They were putting on layers and heading out. I talked to them a couple of hours later and they were still trying to get to their seats. I heard mom on a call-in interview with a local radio station, but the phone kept cutting out so it was unclear if they were going to get to their seats. Then I heard about all the people who didn't get anywhere NEAR their ticketed area and I figured "Oh well, they won't get to use their tickets but at least she is among the throng and with her peeps."

Oh, I had little faith.

This is Molly and Polly we are talking about. (Oh, you didn't realize their names rhymed? Yeah, and they wear the same shoe size too. And yes, they have been to Bali together so the whole Molly and Polly go to...... you get the point. They are adorable.) So anyway, they, being who they are, of course made friends with two marines who then took it upon themselves to become their personal marines and escorted them all the way to their section (the FRONT of their section to be exact) where my 65 year old mother proceeded to climb a handy lamp-post and watch the whole thing from several feet off the ground. (Hello lamp-post, whatcha knowin? I've come to watch your flowers growin'.) They said it was thrilling. Quite the birthday for my mom.

OK, cuteness overload ahead. I suggest drinking something bitter to cut the sugary sweetness of the following pictures.

These children are ridiculous. It's like they act that cute on purpose, pretty much all the time.

Hockey on the tennis court our town obligingly floods for the winter. Sometimes they plow it for us, but not that day, so we were out there with shovels and brooms. The kids love it.

Zach got Grace pink hockey socks and pink tape for her stick because even though she is a bad-ass, she is still his little frosted princess. That is a whole lot 'o pink happening right there, I tell you what!

And who says you can't surf in the winter.

Awwwww, daaaaaaadddddy.

The ice version of "crack the whip."

So skating, skiing, karate, dance, piano, chapter books (Narnia and the Little House books!!) and we are busy and having fun.

Gotta go, but I'll be back with more later


Lori said...

I love Molly and Polly! John has two great aunts who were named Era Fay and Vera May, but in kindness to them, their family called them Molly and Polly! Unfortunately, we lost one at Christmas...86 years old.

And...should we ever have a little girl, she'll be MOLLY Jane!

And the pictures were abosolutely darling!

Ivy Lee said...

I love this post. Thanks for sharing about Molly and Polly's inaugural adventures, and the bath photos... super super adorable. I bet you just want to squeeze them all day.

Jackie said...

Ooooh, love the cuties in tub. What a darling trio!!

Gayla said...

Your kids are ridiculously cute!! Love the story about the inauguration. How incredible that they were there!

Jes said...

I love the pink stick! (or well the pink tape on the stick!) It is absolutely adorable :)


Margaret and Tom said...

Those pictures in the bath are TOO cute! Glad I drink my coffee black :) as I would have gone into sugar coma

Michele said...

It has been so long. I have a lot of catching up to do. We are so glad you started a blog. Destiny & me were sitting here just reading when I said look it is Noah & I know I heard her say Noah. It was so cute. So glad you guys are doing good. miss you