Friday, January 2, 2009

Mostly pictures

Have you ever tried typing with a 10 month old on your lap? No? Well it's not happening for me, so here are some photos of a few recent activities. Missing are Christmas morning, because I hadn't made coffee yet and they were up at 0-dark-thirty, and also the many trips skiing and sledding because, well, I only have so many hands. However, skiing is one that must be documented because DAMN, those kids are cute, and FAST. And fearless. It's awesome. Anyway, Noah is trying to write too so I'm off, but here are the kids.

Dance class. She loves it and she loves her friends.

At Zach's parents with a few of her cousins. There were 9 grand kids there in total, 7 of whom were 5 and under. Fun times!

Opening presents and Grandma and Big Pa's house.

These hockey pictures kill me. She is the most beautiful bad-ass ever.

My sweet boys.
Happy New Year! May it be a great one for us all.


Jes said...

I LOVE the hockey pictures!! Where I'm from hockey wasn't big at all, but up here in Northwestern WI is certainly is...we may just have a hockey player ourselves :)


Suzanne said...

So Grace is a ballet dancer AND a hockey player? Quite the renaissance daughter you have there!