Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I make things.

One thing I make is spelling mistakes. I can't believe not one of you admonished me about my spelling of the word "traveler"over in the "About Me" column. No need to look now. I fixed it. It had an excess of l's. One of the many perils of living with spell-check, if not used properly, it makes you look like a moron.

Other things I make include this charming little ensemble for my brand new baby niece Alia.

That right there, my friends, is buttery soft baby alpaca wool in what may turn out to be the unfortunate color of "Mango." I am having reservations about the color on new-born Caucasian skin. New-born Gracie skin, hell yes! New-born AA skin, double hell yes! But white kids can be awfully jaundiced in the beginning and I'm not sure that will be enhanced by a golden yellow baby bag. Also, alpaca is very, very warm. Possibly too warm for Brooklyn in May, but her lovely mother is too kind to ever say anything. Also, the thing is finished and therefore none of my reservations matter at all as tomorrow, it is going into the mail.

Also, I wanted to make sure all my friends who love books, (and by that I mean the feel, the heft, the paper, the look, not merely the words) know about Persephone Books. I gave myself a little treat last year (OK, a big treat) and enrolled in their "1 book a month," program. Oh my goodness, I look forward to the end of each month! For then, in my black mailbox, there lies a white package with British stamps on it, and inside is a treat for the eyes, the mind, the hands, everything. I love their titles, I love their mission, and I sincerely love the care with which they republish these treasures of 20th century writing. The lovely grayish-blue covers, the carefully chosen end-paper with matching bookmark, all of it suggests publishing at its absolute finest. I highly recommend it. I read them and send them on to my mother-in-law, who, in theory, hands them on to her daughter and so on. They will make it back to me someday and I will get to re-read them, curled up in front of the fire with a cup of tea, a child nearby and the dog at my feet. I can hardly wait. Head over to the site and browse around. You won't be disappointed.


Jeanne said...

I often spell traveller with the double l, because I just like it that way. It's a British variant.

The baby outfit is beautiful. Do you know about this charity--http://www.projectnightnight.org/? Heard about it from a friend, and thought I'd pass it on.

Lori said...

Love the little sleeper outfit!!!! So will your sweet little niece one day when she is playing with her dollies and tells them, "My auntie made this for me when I was a baby!"

PS--thanks for the Persephone tip...I DO love books!

April Taylor said...

Thanks Jeanne, I had always spelled it with 2 l's. Didn't know that was a variant, Must be like gray and grey.

Lori, beware Persephone, once you're hooked, your hooked!