Thursday, May 27, 2010

Someone's going in timeout!

Well, a great big THANK YOU to everyone who so generously gave to the Kyrgyzstan food drive. I am still collecting some local funds and then off it goes to Adoption Options and on the Kyrgyzstan.

Now, I have a little something to say about the oil spill. I am so tired of all these executives and politicians passing blame around to the next person. Nobody wants to take responsibility for this thing. Not even my fearless leader! Where is my President? These oil guys need a smack-down, and you are the man to give it to them. If you won't, I'm sure Michelle would be happy to. Step aside and let a mother dole out some discipline for crying out loud. 'Cause from where I sit, EVERYONE needs to go in time out.

It is so hard to teach kids to take responsibility for their actions when all around them, the people with power are shirking their duty. But of course, I have to take responsibility for my part in the disaster. I drive an SUV. I like to justify it my explaining that I live in Vermont and need 4wd and a third row because we have 3 kids. BUT, I am sure we could figure out a way to have a smaller car. I love to travel and they have not yet figured out a hybrid airplane, to my knowledge. I could be so much more vigilant in reducing my consumer footprint, but I forget, I get busy and then giant oil companies get greedy and lazy, and the next thing you know, brown pelicans will be BACK on the endangered species list. It can happen devastatingly fast.

What I am saying, is that we have a lot of power here and we need to learn to use it. To teach our children responsibility to the planet and their neighbors by showing them a gentler way to live. We have the power to make our government push the oil companies aside and get this mess cleaned up. I would much rater see our navy deployed for this purpose than for a war. We have the power to put giant, multi-national companies in their place by being conscientious and careful consumers. They should be worshipping at OUR altars, not the other way around. All it takes is an agreement that WE, the people of the earth, matter and we aren't taking this shit anymore. Realizing that you don't need that thing being advertised on TV, that you can use your money elsewhere, or even save it. Realize that our decisions and our dollars have infinite power, and thereby we have a voice, and loud one, to speak for those who can't speak for themselves. I don't have a responsibility to any stockholders, I have a responsibility to my children and to you, yes YOU, my fellow human being, who are worthy of a planet that isn't destroyed by greed. There are more of us than them. Let's link arms and get something DONE.

I would like my kids to be able to see the Louisiana marshland someday, if they want. I think it is their right to have a planet as unharmed as possible. Even if it means giving up my SUV.

And thus endeth my wishful rant.......


Jeanne said...

I totally agree that it is everyone's fault.

alicia said...

You go mommy. A timeout is a brilliant idea, if only it were so easy. I agree though that people need to stop passing blame off and accept responsibility for what's going on.