Thursday, May 13, 2010

They are going HUNGRY, for Pete's sake!!

OK, I know we are all pinched for cash right now. But we got an e-mail from our adoption agency, the one we used for Noah, saying that in the midst of the political crises in Kyrgyzstan, the kids in the orphanages are being forgotten. THERE IS NOT ENOUGH FOOD!!! As often happens in times of political and social upheaval, the most vulnerable citizens are being left behind. THEY ARE GOING HUNGRY!

Sorry for the yelling, but these are Noah's former roommates we are talking about here. We knew there was often no electricity, or running water (a truck delivers it when the pipes don't work) but at least we thought they got enough money from the government to feed the babes. NOT SO NOW!

So, I am asking everybody I know for a $10 dollar donation. If you can do $10 per household member, or more, fantastic, but $10 is what I am asking. The idea is along the lines of "many hands make light work," or "even the smallest person can make a big difference." Believe me, every little bit helps. Ten dollars can go a long, long way food-wise.

And yes, I know, this will not fix the problem, but I don't care. It will help get some food to some people who need it NOW, while we try to come up with some better solutions. And when I say "we" I mean the global community, because we are all beholden to each other, I don't care what anyone else says. This is every one's problem.

Our agency, Adoption Options will make sure the money gets to the kids and is not intercepted by "helpers" or middlemen along the way. They are enlisting the help of the State Department and they have good contacts over there. Also, my darling husband has volunteered to be a courier if necessary.

So, if you feel like spending $10 that will REALLY make a difference, please help us. Send me a private message for either my address or our agency's address and if anyone would like to see the actual appeal message, I am happy to share it with you.

Thanks readers!

Now back to our regularly scheduled nonsense.....


RossVix said...

Hi April

I'm here.

Could you send me your address to my email? I'll send something your way.

What devastating news.


Michelle said...

please email me (shortstuffA16 at aol dot com) and i'd like to help. if you can attach the appeal to your email that would be great, but if it's too much trouble then don't worry about it.

also, do they accept donations of physical goods? do the kids need something other than food that could be mailed? clothes, toiletries, goodies for the kids, whatever... please include any such needs in the email you send me. :-)

also, PLEASE put something like "monkey dumplings" in the subject line so i know it's you - i NEVER open emails from people i don't recognize, and i'd really hate to delete this email! ;-)


April Taylor said...

Thanks guys! Michelle, I know they need everything under the son, but getting goods there is a right freaking nightmare, so for now we are focusing on getting funds there asap. E-mails are on their way.

Thanks so much!

Kristen said...

please send an email with your address to kristen_msn @

wilisons said...

Please send me your address. I'd like to donate.


April Taylor said...

Thanks so much you 2! The e-mails are sent.

Lori said...

Send me the address--I send John (Wright) money as we are able, but for Pete's sake--your agency says they are hungry, there's certainly some money to be found to be on it's way there.

Lori said...

Definitely... never turn a plea for help down. I'd also like the address to send a money order.
my address:

Davino Family said...

Hi April! Please email us the contact info too! We ended up adding to our family from Russia but we spent a year thinking that it was going to be Kyrgyzstan so we'd love to help out those kiddos.

Kathy, Jerry, Mariah & Julia

ejs said...

Hi April

We also processed our adoptions to AO - and would like to contribute.

Money is the means to an end when providing international aid to orphanages.

We will send the donation to Brent and Michelle in Noah's honor.

Thank you for highlighting the issue.


daega99 said...

Oh my - I'm international so is there a paypal or something that can be used for donations?


Anonymous said...

Thats horrible and shocking to hear :-(

Happy ICLW!!

justine said...

Incredible. Thanks for letting us know about this ... I hope that there are lots of others spreading the word to help these children!


Niki said...

How terrible for those children. Do you have a paypal set up, if not please email me the address at


Sara Jean said...

I would love to donate! Where should I send it?

Kakunaa said...

Here from ICLW and would be glad to help. Can you send the info to kakunaa at gmail dot com??? Thanks! Great blog.


Heather said...

It's devastating....

As an adoptive parent that breaks my heart.


K said...

So sad.


junebug said...

I'll be keeping them in my prayers.