Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Breaking dumpling news!

OK, quick update. Noah is walking!!! Albeit only while pushing his little wagon, but he is doing that all on his own. Grace follows right behind him cheering and ready to catch him if he falls, which he does frequently as he giggles with glee to the point of collapse.

AND, Kai is now a yellow-belt in karate. He got up in front of everybody in the class by himself (he was the only one testing that day) and went through the punches and kicks and got his yellow belt. It was a last minute thing, the instructor told us he was ready and they could do it right then if he wanted to. He is the youngest by a few years in that group and I am just so proud of how brave he is. He feels pretty damn good about himself I can tell you. It was an awesome moment.

Pictures to follow. The stomach flu is back in Noah and, well, I just don't have anything nice to say about that!


Jeanne said...

Hip, hip hooray for Noah! Sorry about his tummy troubles.

Lori said...

I say you guys just need to tent your house and Lysol it down like a termite evacuation...poor boy and the flu! But big congrats to him for the walking! There'll be no stopping him!!!

Maria said...

GO NOAH!!! Your bud, Ellie

Allison said...

Yeah Noah!! I keep expecting HotDog to do it any day, but nothing yet. And double-yeah for Kai! Our niece just made yellow belt too and I know how much hard work goes into it.
Hope your household is feeling better soon!