Saturday, March 21, 2009

The difference between boys and girls.

Both my kids love to cook, bake, do crafts, garden, ride horses, ski, in short, they love all the same things things I love to do. The difference between their enjoyment comes in what they deem as the necessary accessories for success in any one of these activities.

Grace tends to want to do everything swathed in pink, carrying extra bags full of changes of clothes, dolls and jewels. So, she can frequently be seen riding her pony hell-bent for leather with princess attire flapping in the breeze.

Kai likes to do everything armed to the teeth, which means he can frequently be found baking cakes with a gun on his hips, or playing with the baby by giving Noah swords to hold in an effort to get a jump on his swashbuckling skills.

So, the other day I started a new knitting project and both kids decided they wanted to learn too, so I searched out some nice thick wool in festive colors, found some fat needles and cast on for each of them. Grace, not surprisingly, is making a blanket for one of her "babies." Kai is making a blanket for his new cap gun (an exact replica of the rifle "Pa" used in Little House on the Prairie, which he is completely loving.)

Yes, my 5 year old boy is knitting a gun cozy.

I love parenting!


Maria said...

What a riot!!! So, what, Noah's not knitting yet? :-) He could knit a bottle cover. Hugs guys!

Lori said...

Hilarious. You always make me laugh so much picturing the fun at your house! John and I were just talking about how as much as we try to foster non-gender specific identities, there seems to be something innate sometimes! A gun cozy...genius!