Tuesday, January 11, 2011

100 Gratitudes: A New Year's Project 3-5

Good Morning! Continuing on with the things, big and little, that I am grateful for.

#3) This girl.

Yes, yes, yes! I get to spend my days knowing, loving and parenting Rowan Grace Taylor. Take the wee hours of last night, for instance. I awoke to a warm little body snuggling in next to mine, covering my face and hands with kisses and then tickling my arm as she, and I, drifted back into a sweet, sweet slumber. She has a STUBBORN STREAK! She hates being told what to do. She despises being thought wrong. She will bend over backwards to make others feel welcome, but there have also been days when I have missed the signals and the child just needed to be left to herself. Those are trying days. She teaches me to be observant. She teaches me about self-knowledge, the capacity to give to others and when to self preserve. She is strong, graceful, and funny. She is Grace.


This boy.

Oh dear lord this child is sweet. And infuriating. And FUNNY! And willful. And smart. And stubborn. And very, very, two. Textbook two as a matter of fact. Just when you think you know how to do something, like usher someone through the toddler years, BAM, the universe has a giggle and sends you a Noah. I am so grateful. He is SO snugly and soft and loving. He says the best things. He is so full of joy and love. He is a handful. I don't remember life before him. He fills our hearts and our souls with gratitude. Every day with him is new and sweet. Wonder what he will get up to today?

My morning cup of coffee. Just sneaking this in as I sit here enjoying it. I start looking forward to this the night before. I love everything about coffee. The smell of the beans, the sound of the grinder, the anticipation of the first cup, the feel of my hands wrapped around a mug. I like espresso, in all it's foamed and steamed milk forms. I regular coffee, strong and blond, no sugar. I am not a fan of flavored coffees, I am a purist that way, but will occasionally add a dash of cinnamon or cocoa powder to a frothy cup. The town I live in is the headquarters for Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, and the other day as I was running with Max the dog, way on the other side of the village, across the river, a breeze would kick up periodically and carry on it the smell of roasting beans from the factory. It made me so happy to smell that. Talk about taking your mind off your aching muscles! Yes, I love coffee.

Tell me what you are grateful for today!

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