Monday, January 17, 2011

100 Gratitudes: A New Year's Project 16-20

Good morning! Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. We did, but I find myself really grumpy this morning. Like, really, mean-mommy, would give almost anything for a few hours of solitude that does not include cleaning of any kind, grumpy. Oh well. C'est la vie! On mornings like this, it is, I think, extremely important to spell out what you are grateful for and what your blessings are. So...


Books. I can not imagine a life without books. I am currently on a reading tear. I am re-reading old favorites and devouring all my Christmas books. I love knitting books and cookbooks and books about creativity and beauty. I like classics and and children's books and even a well written romance (just discovered Georgette Heyer, and she is sheer light hearted amusement, perfect for a stormy day in front of the fire with frequent interuptions). I love non-fiction. I love history. I love science and books on the environment. I am an equal opportunity book lover. I can't stand literary snobs. I figure whatever floats someone's boat. For my part, I just re-read Cold Comfort Farm. Any book that has 4 cows in it named Aimless, Graceless, Pointless and Feckless is definately worth reading. "Ah, for this I cowdled ye as a mommet!" Love that book.



The joy of playing in the snow and on the ice, coupled with the peace and security of curling up by the fire.

Indoor plumbing and HOT running water. I live in Vermont. 'Nuff said.

Vanilla. The smell of baking and comfort food.

Silence. Soul filling quiet. So rarely achieved, but occasionally in the woods with a blanket of snow, there it is. Total silence. Love that.

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