Saturday, January 22, 2011

100 Gratitudes: A New Year's Project 29-35

Good morning! Sorry I haven't been here every day. Life can get hectic with 3 little ones and all their activities. But I am almost done with my gratitudes in my handwritten journal, so I am not slacking on the project, just finding it hard to carve out 30 minutes to blog. Better than being bored with nothing to do though, right? So.....

#29) Sleep.

I had the best night's sleep last night. I went to bed embarrassingly early and managed to sleep away an impending migraine. I feel so lively and awake at 6:20am, not a usual occurrence for me. There really is nothing as good for the mind or soul as a good night's sleep.

#30) Music.

I grew up in a musical house, I had full run of the Stuttgart Opera house as a child, we always had a music room in every home. I married a musician, have a sister who is a musician, have in-laws who are musicians. I like everything from Beethoven to Beck, Chopin to Caravan Palace, Bach to Bela Fleck, Puccini to Pink Martini (hey, that rhymes!). I love Bluegrass, funk, soul, classical, jazz, standards, alternative, grunge, folk, dance..... the list is endless. I am grateful to be able to hear and enjoy music.

#31) Concerts.

And since we are heading out tomorrow to take the kids to a Dan Zanes concert, I'll just say how much I love seeing music live. Especially with the kids, especially in the summer and outside. BUT as tomorrow afternoon is never going to get above zero (!) I am thrilled to spend a couple of hours inside dancing with my family.

#32) Skype.

I am, at heart, rather old fashioned, and I am not a lover of gadgets and technology just for the sake of the "next thing," but when something works as well as Skype to connect me to loved ones so far away, well, how lucky am I to live in a time when I can see people while I talk to them across time zones and oceans?! How about that for a run-on sentence?

#33) Wool socks.

Hand knit or Smartwool, there is nothing in the world like a pair of well made socks.

#34) My in-laws.

I married into THE coolest family. So smart, talented, artistic, funny, chatty, lively, loving, and deeply cool. They all get along inspiringly well and hanging out and chatting with any of them is absolutely one of my all time favorite pastimes. Missing from the photos below are Zach's sister Stefanie, who is actually sleeping in my guestroom as we speak, and Cousin Mark, who is too wily and fast for a camera. Must rectify my lack of photos of them immediately!

#35) Sunrise over the mountains.

So glad I am here to see it!

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melanie said...

Love your gratitudes! And it is so amazing the way those mountains change color at surise and suset - I am so grateful I was there to see a sunset and capture it with my camera. Wish I could be there more! Love to the entire Taylor family :)