Monday, January 24, 2011

100 Gratitudes: A New Year's Project 36-39

Good morning! It is somewhere between -27 and -36 outside my house right now, depending on which thermometer one chooses to believe. School is starting 90 minutes late and my boys are in the bath together playing with funnels, while my girl gets an extra hour of sleep. No matter how crazy his days are, Kai still gets up before 6am, EVERY DAY! He is the original morning person.

So, with the freezing cold out there, I am grateful for very many things like...

#36) the ability to buy heating fuel! It is MINUS 27 to 36 degrees without any windchill factor, and my house is nice and toasty. I am deeply grateful and hope my neighbors are equally safe and warm.

#37) My wood stove. I love it, it is cheerful and warming and no Vermont house feels right without one, or at least a fireplace, but a wood stove is better for heating a house, I think.

#38) Color. I crave color this time of year, and every little bit of it is soothing to an eye that loves, but is getting weary of, the winter palate of white, silver, gray etc.

Every bit of color, whether man made or natural, is a little bit of joy right now!

#39) Sunlight.

Especially shining on a couch or chair where I can curl up and feel it's, admittedly weak right now, warmth. Later this winter will be the thrilling moment when I am out for a walk with Max, and the sun will be at my back and I will suddenly realize that it is WARMING me through my jacket. I may even have to take off a layer. Oh that is pure magic, that moment. As John Denver said "Sunshine on my shoulder, makes me happy." Corny, but simple and true.

What are you grateful for this lovely morning?

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